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Kathryn's acting training includes LAMDA drama school & National Youth Theatre



RARE BEASTS directed by Billie Piper

THE LITTLE STRANGER directed by Lenny Abrahamson

ZEBRA CROSSING directed by Sam Holland

HALAL HARRY directed by Russell Razzau


RANDOM directed by debbie tucker green


GRANTCHESTER directed by Stewart Svaasand

CALL THE MIDWIFE directed by Darcia Martin

HOLBY CITY (2 eps) directed by Karl Neilson

THE WATCHER directed by Andreas Hurzog

LEWIS directed by Nick Renton

ROUGH JUSTICE directed by Michael Keillor

THE BILL directed by Robert Knights

DOCTORS directed by Niall Fraser


CAUGHT directed by Fred Kelly

BABYTHUMP directed by Ian Killick

A TREE FELL directed by Oliver Crawford

FOR HIM directed by Ian Killick

LOS JACK MACHINE directed by Francois Techene

NATION, YOUR NATION directed by Fred Kelly

THE GUARD directed by Shona Charlton

COLD CALLING directed by Jesse Quinones

KLINK KLANK directed by Robert Reina


POISONED POLLUTED directed by Lucy Allan - Premiere - Old Red Lion

SKIN IN THE GAME directed by Clemmie Reynolds - Premiere Greenwich Theatre, Birmingham Fest, Old Red Lion

THE EXCEPTIONAL CASE OF WHIZZ & DREX directed by Fred Kelly - Premiere - Old Red Lion

CLOSE QUARTERS directed by Kate Wasserberg - Premire - Sheffiled Crucible Theatre

A VIEW FROM ISLINGTON NORTH - directed by Max Stafford-Clark - Premiere Arts Theatre

BLUEBIRD directed by Adam Hemming - Space Theatre

YOU directed by Sarah Meadows, Vault Festival & Brighton Fringe

ARMS AND THE MAN directed by Brigid Lamour - Watford Palace Theatre

ANDERSEN'S ENGLISH - directed by Max Stafford-Clark - Premiere - Hampstead Theatre & Tour

OEDIPUS directed by Marcell Magni & Tamsin Shasha - Tour

ALLOTMENTS - directed by Barry Edawards

THE GOLDEN DRAGON - directed by Rami Gray - Arcola & tour

MIXED UP NORTH directed by Max Stafford-Clark - Premire - Bolton Octagon & Tour

RIFT directed by Robert Miles - Brewhouse Theatre

IN THE FOG - directed by Barry Edwards

BLANK - Lakeside Theatre

HAMLET IS DEAD. NO GRAVITY - directed by Andrea Ferran - Arcola Theatre

OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD - directed by Max Stafford-Clark - 25th Anniversary Production - Bolton Octagon & Tour

STILETTOS IN THE KEY OF G - directed by Robin Norton-Hale

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - direcetd by Alistair Green - Trafalgar Studios

CAUGHT - directed by Cressida Brwon - Arcola Theatre

LOVE ON THE TRACKS Direted by Steve Woodwood - Premiere - Redbridge & Soho Theatre



"Extremely clever, wonderfully dark, and very funny, I had a blast with this eight-minute short.

Kathryn O’Reilly is phenomenal and looks like she’s having a blast with a perfectly twisted role"



"There's an endless role-call of small yet satisfying appearances,

with Kathryn O'Reilly's bed bound Suzanne treating us to a wonderful maternal maturity"


Winner: Raindance Award – British Independent Film Awards

Winner: The Audience Award – Raindance Film Festival

Winner: Best in Festival – Socal California

Winner: Best of The Fest – Radar Hamburg Film Festival

Winner: Best European Independent Film – ECU Film Awards

Winner: Best Director – London Independent Film Festival

SKIN IN THE GAME by Paul Westwood

directed by Clemmie Reynolds

Producer JIH production in association with Greenwich Theatre

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Paul Westwood, Charlie Allen, David Whitworth

Kathryn O'Reilly winner best performance Brimingham Fest 2019

"At exactly the right moment the tempo of simmering violence and deceit is broken by the arrival of the brothers’ motormouth sister, Kathryn O’Reilly, who adds some welcome levity. The tension continues to ramp up slowly towards a shocking and utterly unexpected revelation which is handled beautifully by O’Reilly and Westwood."

Louis Mazzini - Londontheatre1.com

"Impeccable acting, terrific directing and great writing make this one of the best plays I've seen in a long time."

Peter Brown - ActDrop

CLOSE QUARTERS by Kate Bowen - Sheffield Crucible 2018

directed by Kate Wasserberg

Producer Martin Derbyshire, Out of Joint, Sheffield Crucible

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Adiza Shardow, Sophie Melville, Chloe-Ann Tylor, Bradley Banton, Dylan Wood

Permission to use from Out of Joint

Photos by Mark Douet

YOU by Mark Wilson

directed by Sarah Meadows,

Producer Rosalyn Newbery

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly & Stephen Myott-Meadows

Show of the Week Award Winners Vault festival 2018

ARGUS ANGEL Winners Brighton Fringe Festival May 2015  

"O'Reilly shines with her heartfelt and honest portrayl of her characters"

"The story is so well told by Kathryn O'Reilly and Stephen Myott-Meadows.

Their portrayal of such a raw and tender story are near pitch perfect,

with both performers giving well rounded and focused performances"


"There is no escaping the emotional intensity

and there is nowhere to hide from  O'Reilly's tear-stained face when she makes eye contact"

British Theatre Guide

"A memory play in which Kathryn O’Reilly and Stephen Myott-Meadows bring to life all the characters involved.

This they do superbly through voice changes, subtle facial changes and body postures"

The Argus


directed by Fred Kelly

Producer Louis Strong

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Louis Strong, Guy Samuel, Ellen Paterson

Short Run OffComm Commendation 2019

"This is an ensemble that is compulsive to watch"


"Kathryn O'Reilly brings a lot of energy and humour to the role of Chief, our enigmatic interrogator.

She is a joy to watch (in everything I've seen her in), and clearly relishes the humour and darkness of her scenes"

View From The Outside

"O'Reilly's use of voice only embellishes the comedy of her character and the actress is clearly having a ball playing her"

Jonathan Marshall - Broadway World


Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Associate Director Katie Posner

Produced by Martin Derbyshire

Assistant Producer Nicola Seed

Set Designer Tim Shortall

Cast: Kathryn O'Reilly, Jane Wymark, Sarah Alexander, Joseph Prowen, Steve John Shepherd, Bruce Alexander, Ann Mitchell

The Mother by Mark Ravenhill

directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Producer Karl Sydow, Out of Joint

Cast Katrhyn O'Reilly, Joseph Prowen, Jane Wymark

"Mark Ravenhill’s The Mother opens the collection with Hayley Morrison’s (Kathryn O’Reilly) unrelenting volley of choice language

poor defence for the bad news she knows she is about to receive regarding her soldier son.

This is an emotionally raw and painful piece, and O’Reilly totally convinces as a woman on the precipice of collapse."

Sally Jack punctualsally.com

O’Reilly (who took over the roles played by Sarah Alexander on 6 June) is brittle and brilliant...There are heart-wrenching moments as well as caustic, funny tirades"

"She is a great tragic figure – torn apart, inside and out, by things not of her choosing.  

Kathryn O’Reilly  is superb in the part – vicious, unrelenting, scared, broken, but, above all, maternal."

Stephen Collins Live Theatre UK

"Kathryn O'Reilly has been foul mouthed before in Out Country's Good and she utterly convincing here"

Simon Jenner Fringe Review

Tickets Are Now On Sale by Caryl Churchill

"Its a very effective, funny and devastating piece from Caryl Churchill, played with impeccable sangfroid by Steve John Shepherd and Kathryn O’Reilly (who is almost utterly unrecognisable as the mother from the previous scene)."

Stephen Collins Live Theatre UK

The Accidental Leader by Alistair Beaton

"The acting here is terrific"

"and Kathryn O’Reilly (in her third exceptional performance) is a gutsy supporter of the incumbent leader"

Stephen Collins Live Theatre UK

Photography by Stephen Pover

CAUGHT by Christopher Chen- Volta International Festival - Arcola Theatre

UK Premiere

directed by Cressida Brown

OFFIE Nominated 2016
Cast: Kathryn O'Reilly, Elizabeth Chan, Richard Pryal, Kevin Shen,

"Assured performances are given all round, particularly from  Kathryn O’Reilly,  who rolls with the punch of Chen’s writing, at one moment a cartoonish American reporter, the next running a Gervais and Merchant worthy interview with ‘the artist’."

Samuel Clay - TheatreFullStop

hamlet is dead. no gravity by Ewald Palmetshofer - Arcola Theatre

directed by Andrea Ferran

Cast: Kathryn O'Reilly, Cary Crankson, Virge Gilchrist, Elizabeth Chan, Stuart Bowman, Richard Pryal

"hamlet is dead. no gravity’s modestly sized cast is impressive, with passion and talent in abundance.  

Kathryn O’Reilly shines  during an impressive monologue dissecting love, full of expletives and delivered with such conviction that it is impossible not to be completely drawn in to her passionate and humorous argument."

Ellie Bannerman - A Younger Theatre

Photos Richard Davenport

OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD by Timberlake Wertenbaker

2014 Tour Frairfield Halls, Mercury theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Richmond Theatre Royal, Theatre Royal Brighton, Windsor Theatre Royal

Gutherie Theatre - Minneapolis, Royal Alexandra Theatre - Toronto

Director Max Stafford-Clark

Assocaite Director Tim Hoare

Producers Karl Sydow, Out of Joint & David Mervish

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Simon Darwin, Victoria Gee, Sam Graham, Nathan Ives-Mobia,

Cornelius Macarthy, Richard Neale, David Newman, Anna Tierney, Jessica Tomchak

"The performances are on point, and draw you into the story. Kathryn O'Reilly is  gripping  as Liz Morden"

Alan Henry - Broadwayworld.com (Toronto)

"The convicts, despite all their failings, are made almost immediately loveable thanks to heartfelt performances by the likes of Kathryn O’Reilly

(who plays the gruff and foul-mouthed Liz Morden), David Newman (playing affable pickpocket Robert Sideway)

and Richard Neale (playing conflicted convict-turned-hangman Ketch Freeman)."

Shazia Khan Wag Jag Royal Alexandra Toronto

"the  stand out  performance was Kathryn O'Reilly as Liz Morden.

Along the way we witness her dispair, hoplessness, bravery, and loyalty.

In one scene she tells two other convicts about her life and how she ended up being transported.

It's done in such a broad vernacular that neither Elaine nor I understood a word. It was brilliant.

David Newman's performance as David Collins and Robert Sideway is also worth noting"

Sam Mooney - mooneytheatre.com

"Kathryn O'Reilly, her face as sour as a crate of lemons, is at first hilarious, then sympathetic, as the fearsome thief Liz Morden...Sam Graham rivals O'Reilly for the show's standout performance as the ailing, alcoholic midshipman Harry Brewer"

Martin Marrow - theglobeandmail.com

"Gee and O'Reilly are particularly amusing as the challenging criminals Dabby Bryant and Liz Morden."

Lauren Gillett - theatromania.ca

"The acting honours go to the female contingent, especially Victoria Gee as feisty Dabby Bryant, Anna Tierney as oitiable Duckling Smith, and Kathryn O'Reilly as embittered renegade Liz Morden"

Keith Garebian Stageandpage.com

"There are fine moments from Jessica Tomchack, Kathryn O'Reilly, Simon Darwin, David Newman and Richard Neale"

Robert Cushman - arts.nationalpost.com

"Standout performances come from Jessica Tomchak as Clark’s protégée, the initially timid Mary, who is enlivened and emboldened by her lead role, and

Kathryn O’Reilly as the witty and scowling Liz Morden, who performs a slow burn throughout the piece as we learn more about her life and see her blossom emotionally.

O’Reilly’s performance is especially poignant and brutal as the audience is all too aware that no matter how far the character comes on this journey, she will remain a prisoner thousands of miles away from home for many years."

Niall Harman - Publicreviews.com Brighton Theatre Royal

"As Liz Morden, who is about to be hanged for theft, Kathryn O’Reilly spits venom (oh, yes, a lot of spitting actually goes on!).

With scowling face she positively fizzes with aggression and attitude."

Clare Brotherwood - Uktheatre.net Theatre Royal Windsor

"the wonderful, scene-stealing Kathryn O’Reilly as fiery Liz Morden,

who brought shouts of slighted laughter yet also moments of painful, stomach-kicking silence in her dogged refusal to defend herself."

 Laura Peatman - The Play's The Thing

"Kathryn O'Reilly charts the huge change in violent Liz Morden movingly"

David Nice

"Kathryn O’Reily arcs the transition of the outspoken Liz Morden perfectly – softening beautifully as the play progresses."

Jimmy Mac - Public Reviews

"It's a classic production, focused on bringing out the comedy (Liz Morden, played by Kathryn O'Reilly is particularly fine)."  

Jen Pawsey - Daily Info

"Kathryn O'Reilly shows quiet dignity and inner strength in adversity playing Liz Morden."  

Philip Fisher - British Theatre Guide

OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Bolton Octagon & Out of Joint's 25th Anniversary

2012-2013 Tour - West Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds, Birmingham Old Rep, Cheltenham Everyman, Oxford Playhouse,

St James London, Southampton Nuffield, Watforld Palace, Aberystwth Arts Centre, The Hague

directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Associate Director Des Kennedy

Producer Karl Sydow & Out of Joint

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Damola Adelaja, Helen Bradbury, Laura Dos Santos, John Hollingworth, Lisa Kerr,

Mathew Needham, Ciaran Owens, Dominic Thorburn, Ian Redford

"A faultless cast of ten actors plays multiple roles."

Joan Davies - Manchester Confidential

“Kathryn O’Reilly gives a brilliantly sparky and furious performance… John Hollingworth is excellent…

Laura Dos Santos is deeply touching… Ian Redford shines”

Charles Spencer - Daily Telegraph

"I really enjoyed Matthew Needman as the exuberant Sideways and the erudite Captain Collins,

and loved Kathryn O’Reilly as a powerful Liz Morden she maintained an extraordinary stillness that was compelling to watch.

I could actually name the entire company here as there was not a weak link nor a weak characterisation, it was a masterclass in ensemble theatre."


"Matthew Needham as the theatrical Sideway and Kathryn O’Reilly as the wilful, challenging Liz Morden also give particularly strong performances, but this is very much a group effort, and no link in the chain of this cast is weak."  

Everything Theatre

"Fuelled by an incredible cast, alive to every nuance of Timberlake Wertenbaker’s text – notably Lisa Kerr as Duckling, Kathryn O’Reilly as Liz Morden, and Ciaran Owens in the two completely polarised roles of harmless hangman and brutish Captain "

One girl & a ticket Katherine Stevens

"The acting was skilfully done; special mention goes to Matthew Needham for the witty portrayal of Robert Sideway,

and Kathryn O’Reilly as Liz Morden."  

Lizzie Scourfield - The Good Review

"The performance of Kathryn O’Reilly as Liz Morden particularly impressed me; her abruptness and stoicism at the beginning of the play unfolds into a vivid and memorable character. Perhaps the star of the show, however, is not one actor but the Ensemble.

The actors work together seamlessly in their performance."

Centre London Theatre

"The women are particularly strongly played. Laura Dos Santos has a nice simple, shy goodness as Mary Brennan, protected by her friend Dabby Bryant, a lively spirited performance by Helen Bradbury. Lisa Kerr is particularly moving as Duckling Smith and it is not difficult at all to imagine that Kathryn O’Reilly’s Liz Morden is the most dangerous of the women- though even she is not without a vulnerable side."


"John Hollingworth is simply excellent as the forward-thinking governor and a convict, Ian Redford covers four roles with a great nimbleness and there’s an embarrassment of riches in the female cast with any of Laura Dos Santos, Lisa Kerr,

Helen Bradbury and Kathryn O’Reilly making a striking impression at one point or another."


Kathryn O'Reilly holds our interest and earns our pity as the challenging, foul-mouthed Liz Morden,

who lastly acquires some good dignity in a climactic courtroom scene"  

Dailynewsen.com / thestar.com

"Our Country's Good is perfectly written, perfectly directed and perfectly performed - I loved Kathryn O'Reilly's interpenetration of Liz Morden. You could tell how engrossed the audience became in her storyline and how much the audience fell in love with Liz."  

West End Frame Watford Theatre

"Kathryn O’Reilly  stole the stage with her gritty and feisty portrayal of Liz Morden;

every time she spoke I couldn’t help but hang on her words, and she could provoke minutes of raucous laughter just by a simple twitch of her face."  

Lippymag Holly Boyden Leeds West Yorkshire Playhouse

"Matthew Needham’s Sideway was a pitch-perfect source of comedy and Kathryn O’Reilly played a splendidly brash yet humane Liz Morden,

providing the moral core of this marvellous play."  

Nathan Chapman - Portsmouth.co.uk

THE GOLDEN DRAGON by Roland Schimmelpfennig - Arcola Theatre English Language PREMIER 2011

directed by Ramin Gray

Producer ATC

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Ann Firbank, David Beams, Adam Best, Jack Tarlton

“Arresting too is Kathryn O'Reilly, playing the drunk who treads a fine line between comedy and tragedy but successfully pulls it off.”

Jack Bradley - Fringe Review

"It’s intelligence and thoughtfulness is apparent, not least in the actors' performances.”

Lyn Gardner - The Guardian

“an excellent multi-tasking ensemble cast of five bring to life the staff and clientele who live above the restaurant,

as Schimmelpfennig weaves his tale about migration, exploitation, and journeys, both emotional and personable".

Alan Chadwick - Entertainment.stv

RIFT by Natalie McGrath - Brewhouse Theatre - granted Inspire Mark

directed by Robert Miles

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Ayo Aloba

“exploring the authenticity of the characters with Ayo Aloba and Kathryn O'Reilly,

the actors who bring them to life so perfectly that at times I forgot they were acting”

Vivienne Kennedy - Remotegoat

Photos by Silvia Cataudo

ANDERSEN'S ENGLISH by Sebastian Barry - Hampstead Theatre & tour

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Associate Director Jessica Swale

Producer Karl Sydow, Out of Joint

Cast: Niamh Cusack, David Rintoul, Danny Sapani, Alistair Mavor, Lorna Stuart, Lisa Kerr, Kathryn O'Reilly

"The cast is breathtakingly good... an intelligent text, brilliant acting and a cornucopia of light, movement and sound.

The whole creates an astonishing sense of everyday surrealism that, in a metaphorical sense, is absolutely naturalistic.

Theatre gets no better."

"Excellent performances, too, from Lorna Stuart (Katie Dickens), Kathryn O'Reilly (Georgie Hogarth)

and the promising young Alastair Mavor as the clumsy Dickens son Walter."

Kevin Catchpole - British Theatre Guide

Photos Robert Workman

MIXED UP NORTH by Robin Soans

Out of Joint Tour, Bolton Octagon, Wilton's Music Hall

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Producer Karl Sydow, Out of Joint

Cast Katrhyn O'Reilly, Celia Imrie, Asif Khan, Rose Leslie, Muzz Khan, Judith Amsenga, Tyrone Lopez,

Lorna Stuart, Lisa Kerr, Claire Rafferty, Kashif Khan, Stephanie Street, Matthew Wait, Mia Soteriou

'Outstandingly cast and acted.'

Independent on Sunday  

"Kathryn O'Reilly, who only graduated from drama school last year, is the worn out director Bella,

a pivotal role which she delivers with panache."

Paul Callan - The Daily Express

"Kathryn O'Reilly striking an authentically strained note as the director of the community play."  

Lynne Walker - Independent on Sunday

"It was a professional theatre debut for Kathryn O’Reilly, but there was no sign of nerves in her strident performance of Bella, the director of the theatre group’s play"

Burnley Citizen

'gifted young cast bring real power to first-person accounts… disorganised, didactic yet always lively – and, at a time when immigration is so high on the government’s agenda, burningly topical.'

The Times

RUMPLESTILTSKIN & OTHER GRIZZLY TALES Adapted by Alistair Green & Joanna Volinska - New Wimbledon Studio

directed by Alistair Green

Producer Horla

Cast Katrhyn O'Reilly, Rosie Armstrong, Philip Buck, Carole Carpenter, Chris Courtney, Sarah Ratheram, Dave Roberts, Derek Elwood

"Rumplestiltskin is another collection of wonderfully worked ensembles,

performed by some highly versatile actors"

Steve Wrelton - Wimbledon Guardian

"Kathryn O'Reilly, feisty as Red Riding Hood."

Clare Peel - Theatreworld Internet Magazine

Kathryn O’Reilly is a name to remember.

She is an all purpose, singing, dancing and drama princess who shows versatility and flashes of the passion.

John Timperley - Richmond & Twickenham Times

Tots around me got their biggest kicks from Vasilissa the Brave, with Kathryn O’Reilly’s glamorous wicked stepmother.

John Thaxter - The Stage

OEDIPUS Adapted by David Stuttard

directed by Amrcello Magni & Tamsin Shasha

Producer AOD

Tour Cockpit thetare, Sheffield Crucible, Oxford, Winchester, Halifax, High Wycome Swan, Canford,

Wellington, Brighton Komedia, Margate Theatre ROyal, Oxford Old Fire Station, Whitehaven, Manchester, Norwich Playhouse, Cambridge,

Bristol, Chelmsford, Worcester, Leeds, Derby, Harlow Playhouse, Exeter, Buxton Opera House, Scunthorpe Plowright Theatre, Bath Theatre Royal

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Tas Emiabata, Angus Lindsay, Dan Winter

"It was as if another person had taken over Kathryn O’Reilly’s body as she became the most regal of Jocastas."

Gerry Parker - Bristol Evening Post

"The reaction of Kathryn O’Reilly as his mother, is one of the great moments of the play, and she brought it off with understated dignity as she exits to top herself."

Jim Hutchon - Chelmsford Weekly News

"The play was a dramatic and visual triumph, with tense and emotional performances from Kathryn O'Reilly."

Kevin Rogers - South Yorkshire Timesichmond & Twickenham Times

SEMBLANCE OF MADNESS! by John H Newmeir - Etcetera Theatre

directed by Nic Paris

Producer Kathryn O'Reilly & Toni Darlow

Cast Kathryn O'Reilly, Toni Darlow, Jo Arber

"The ensemble playing by Toni Darlow, Kathryn O'Reilly and Jo Arber is strong and the performances pack a punch, particularly Kathryn O'Reilly as the bullish, multiple personality-ridden Jones."

Shirley Dent - CultureWars

The performances are stunning examples of ensemble playing. Elegant timing and energetic emotion.

Carrie Cohen - UK Theatre.net

“Kathryn O'Reilly brings such depth of character, Jones, that you truly are never sure is she is aware she is lying,

or if she genuinely thinks she is someone else. As Jones intimidates Bishop, one can feel the whole audience being drawn in, also becoming scared of O’Reilly’s impressive stage presence.”

H. Allison - Reviews Gate

"Kathryn O'Reilly delivers a gifted and sometimes electric performance."

John Park - Fringe Report

Photos Brandon Bishop

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