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TRAINING - BRIT School, Video, Film & Television Production


Just completed filming on the short film CAUGHT written by Kathryn O'Reilly

Director Fred Kelly

DOP Barny Crocker

Producers Kathryn O'Reilly, Fred Kelly, Anna Doolan















Robin of Oakwood (short film)

Director Lee Viesnik

DOP Andrew Hillary


Lucy (short film)

Director Adam Tindall

Producers Janny Zhu & Gwen Counson


Melodie Saviour (short film - day 1)

Director Harry Bowley

Producer Connie Elmy-Martin


Ariella (short film)

Director Michael Garsin

Producer: Shaheen Schleifer


Square One (short film)

Director Emily Sargent

DOP Emily Almond Barr

Producer: Lizzie Wilkinson


#Haters (short film)

Currently in pre-production

Director Tristan Shepherd / Emilia TegliaOdd Eyes Theatre


The Car (short film)

Director: Sheila MarshallAniku


Karma (short film) 30mins

Director: Bizhan Tong

DOP: Jonty Dawson

Phoenix Waters Productions

Producer: Bizhan Tong, Kevin Leslie


My Neighbor Barbequed My Fence (short film - comedy) 15mins

Director: Victoria Muldoon

DOP: Jonathan Howard

Producer: Victoria Muldoon


Ghost In The Kamera (short film - Fantasy) 14 mins

Director: Shona Charlton

DOP: Pascale Neuschafer

Fudge Tiger Films

Producer: Shona Charlton


Blighters (short film - comedy) 17mins

Director: Frederick Kelly

DOP: Barny Crocker

Santamana Pictures

Producer: Louis Strong


Gimp Tiger (short film – comedy) 21mins

Director: Sean Gallean

DOP: Alessandro Veridiani

Latex Fortress Production

Producer: Sean Gallen, Alan Wanders


The Jokes On You (short film – comedy) 12mins

Director: Katie Smith

DOP: Brian Strange

Producer: Victoria Muldoon


Los Jack Machine (short film) 13mins

Director: Francois Techene

DOP: Francois TecheneFree Seed Films

Producer: Ben Gallagher, Steve Harcourt, Bertrand Techene, Francois Techene


Old Flame (music video)

Director: Liam Hooper

DOP: Mark Stewart2050 Films

Producer: Tara Trangmar


Give Me The Answer (music video)

Anita Chellamah

Director: Liam Hooper

DOP: Mark Stewart

Featuring: Anita Chellamah2050 Films

Producer: Liam Hooper, Mark Stewart


Absolutely Anything (music video)

Director: Francois Techene

DOP: Francois TecheneFree Seed Films

Producer: Ben Gallagher, Steve Harcourt


Dun Punkin Boys Will Be Boys (music video)

The Blockheads

Director: Francois Techene

Featuring: The Blockheads, Toyah Wilcox, David Westhead, Miss Baby Sol, Jud Charlton, Lee Thompson, The Three BellesFree Seed Films

Producer: Ben Gallagher, Steve Harcourt


Express Yourself (music video)

The Blockheads

Director: Francois Techene

Featuring: The Blockheads, Andy SerkisFree Seed Films

Producer: Ben Gallagher, Steve Harcourt



2nd Assistant Director


Suit & Bone (short film)

Director: Dulani Wilson

DOP: Stil WilliamsB19 Media

Producer: Luncia Daniel


Commercial - Gaggle / Studio

Dircetor: James Rawlings

Producer: Dominic Bunjevac


Commercial - Adidas / Builders Club

Director: Jonas Hegi & Julien Simshauser

Producer: Erinn Fitzgerald


Editorial / Commercial - Life Saving / COPPAFEEL!

Director: Amy Becker Burnett

Producer: Isabelle Graham


3rd Assistant Director 


Silent Night (Feature film)

Director: Will Thorne

DOP: Mal HadleyBreak ‘Em Films

Producer: Mark Lacey




KLINK KLANK written by Kathryn O'Reilly

Directed by Robert Reina

Cast: Kathryn O'Reilly, Gary Carr,

Fiona Gilbert, Robbie Telfer

James Atherton, Jack Baldwin,

Toni Darlow, Chris Fenwick,

Andrew Forbes, Steve Giles,

Nathan Ives-Moiba, Lisa Kerr,

Paddy Knowles, Jacqui Lee-Pryce,

Jim Stevenson, Lorna Stuart.


Producers, Fiona Gilbert, Toni Darlow, Kathryn O'Reilly

Photographed & edited by James Marcus-Tucker

Make Up Jess Buchanan

Sound Juliet Plumptre

Production Assistant Vince Tycer

Music composed by Alex Holland & Tas Emiabata

at Purple Room Studios



Copyright of all photographs owned by photographers